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Contact in the Desert 2021 Virtual Expo – – Ancient megalithic sites in Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Easter Island and other locations indicate that prior to the existence of known cultures very advanced machining technology existed that modern science still can’t replicate, and very few of these mechanisms have been replicated in relatively recent times. Physical evidence shows that civilizations such as the Inca, dynastic Egyptians, Hittites, Polynesians and Romans discovered ancient locations made of massive stones that were shaped using, in some cases, technologies that are beyond our capabilities in the 21st century. This indicates that rather than us being the most highly technological people in history, we are in a renaissance of what had been created before. Who were these cultures, and who or what influenced their technological development? Join us for a journey into the ancient technology that will become part of our future.

Presented by Brien Foerster: Foerster was born in the United States but grew up on the west coast of Canada where he developed a fascination with Native art. Though he did graduate from university with a BSc. honors degree, his passion for the art of the indigenous people caused him to become a professional carver of totem poles for over a decade. At 35 he moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii and spent 2 years working with Hawaiian people building a 62 foot double hull sailing catamaran. This adventure led him to explore Polynesia for several years, and then he chose to visit Peru 15 years ago. His first tour guide in the Inca city of Cusco could not explain how the huge megalithic works of the area were made and by who, thus he began to explore using his scientific background, as well as the knowledge of local and foreign geologists, engineers and oral tradition experts the mysteries that underly these astonishing stone works. This has led to a revelation that the megalithic works of Peru, as well as those in Bolivia, Easter Island, Egypt, Lebanon, Lebanon, Turkey and other places were in fact created many thousands of years before any known culture, and were all seemingly devastated by a series of global cataclysms some 12,000 years ago. In all, he has published 37 books as of April 2021, has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Ancient Aliens 20 times, radio shows and podcasts, and has explored more than 100 countries.

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