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Two Canadians were killed Friday and one more wounded in a shooting at a hotel along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, state authorities said.

The suspect in the shooting was apparently a guest and Canadian police informed them he was a known felon with a long record related to robbery, drug and weapons offences. Mike Le Couteur reports on the deadly incident.

To the COVID-19 pandemic, where some indications show that the 5th wave driven by the Omicron variant may have peaked. Wastewater testing is an alternate method for tracking COVID-19 and is being championed for providing important information on outbreaks.

But as Ross Lord explains, not all health authorities are sold on its merits.

The Eastern U.S. is being slammed by snowstorms with freezing temperatures, snow and ice hitting the region from north to south.

The extreme weather is freezing roads and prompting warnings for drivers as far south as Texas and Louisiana to stay off the roads. Jennifer Johnson reports.

A CIA report reveals new details about the mysterious illness that has plagued hundreds of U.S. and Canadian diplomats. Havana Syndrome, which first emerged in Cuba in 2016, was initially feared to be a sonic attack by a foreign power against embassy staff.

As Reggie Cecchini reports, the report suggests otherwise.

More international aid has arrived in Tonga after an undersea volcanic eruption hit the pacific island. The people of Tonga are now in recovery mode, trying to clean up some of the catastrophic damage left behind. There is also another work underway to understand why the massive eruption happened.

As Mike Armstrong reports, scientists have been watching this volcano for years and some are hoping their data will lead to answers.

Plus, “Canada’s first lady of jazz,” Eleanor Collins, is getting her own commemorative stamp. Canada Post will celebrate the 102-year-old music legend at a virtual event Friday that will reveal the stamp and pay tribute to Collins’ life and career. Catherine Urquhart has more on her story.

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